Common website fears that are costing you a fortune - Part 2

Saying I'm too small for a website is a sure way for small businesses to lose clients.Two other common misconceptions about having a website are

  • “I’m / my business is too small for a website” and
  • “I’ve got enough work at the moment. I don’t want to do anymore advertising now because I won’t be able to cope with the work.”

Websites aren’t about advertising, they are about building relationships. Good and lasting client relationships are essential for long term business success. A website gives your client a place to come back to, a place where they can tap into your valuable advice and expertise, a place to see what you have to offer, even when you’re not physically available or your shop is closed.

A lot of small businesses have a constant battle between trying to reach enough people to make the business survive that month and keeping up with the work that does come in.

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What's the similarity between a website and a bicycle?

What's the difference between a website and a bicycle?A few hints on how to drive traffic to your website...

The only sounds in the room were the dull hum of the air-conditioner and the crackle of a page been turned here and there. Each seat at the long boardroom table was occupied by a serious looking person concentrating on a document in front of them - each seat that is except the one isolated and rather lonely one at the far end of the table.

At last the chairman looked up, took off his glasses and played with them in between his fingers as he spoke to the senior staff assembled around the table.

“Both men are excellent candidates for the job.  They both have impressive credentials, are highly qualified and have a great deal of experience. However, we only have place for one, and today we need to decide on the right one. What we are looking for is someone with a little extra special something, something that cannot be found in the CVs front of you, something that sets this person ahead of the average, something which will enable them to help carry this business successfully into the future.”

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Why should you care if your website is like an old birthday card?

Birthday cards get updated each year to reflect changing age. What about your website? Has is changed or is it like last year's card?Let me ask you something slightly personal: Do you send the same birthday card every year?

Of course not!

But if it's essentially the same message (happy birthday) you're sending each time (just the numbers get bigger!) why a different card, a different look, different words?

It's simple really. You take the time and trouble to wish someone Happy Birthday in a new way every year because you want to get your specific message for the year across.

People grow and change from year to year and by choosing a different card each time, one appropriate to the person's age, gender or specific "landmark" birthday, you're showing you are aware of their changes and development - you're acknowledging the person's current time of life and the status of your relationship with them. That's what makes each birthday card so special to the person who receives it, the fact that you've taken the time to recognize them as an individual.

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What is website DIY going to cost you?

Should you go for website DIY or get the professionals?One of the things that business owners don't seem to get much time for is the planning of a decent website - one that will help the business market itself better and sell more. And what little time is available is spent in the debate around whether you should spend the time and trouble and try to do-it-yourself or whether you should just get it done professionally.

I thought that sharing a rather personal story with you might help you decide which option will work best for you....

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Search engine overview - what they do and what they want

Using meta tags and keywords properly can help your search rankings.To do any kind of business via your website, you first need to get visitors to your site. There are a couple of ways to do this. Search engine traffic is one of these ways.

Search engines are an important means of driving traffic to your website. But to get your share of this targeted traffic, you need to make sure your website is something the search engines like. To do this, you need a little background info on search engines, info like...

  • What search engines do and what they want
  • How does a search engine work?
  • Meta tags and keywords

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Newsletters vs auto responders: what's the difference?

Newsletters vs auto responders - which one should you use for your e-mail marketing?A question I often get asked when it comes to e-mail marketing is:

  • What is the basic difference between an e-mail newsletter/ mass mailing system and an auto responder?

E-mail newsletters

An e-mail newsletter / mass mailing program lets you send info - such as a newsletter, product update or educational info - at a certain time, like once a month. The info you send goes out to everyone on your list at once and they all get it at the same time. You create fresh content for each newsletter.

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How to choose the best website hosting for your business

A website must have reliable, secure hosting for it to succeed.Once your website has been built, it has to be hosted. Secure, reliable hosting is essential for a successful website.

To make it possible for your website to be seen by anyone anywhere in the world at any time of the day or night, it must be hosted on a computer that is connected to the internet 24 hours a day. This simply means that your site is “stored” on a server that is always connected to the internet and that whenever anyone requests it, they are directed to that server.

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Have you ever met a Dick? How to write web copy that works

Is your web copy all about you or is it focused on your client?It's Saturday night.  You're young, single and have been invited to the biggest party in town.  You're excited and looking forward to a good time.

The party, held at a luxurious home in an upmarket suburb, is filled with lots of interesting and friendly people.  You start making your way towards the bar to get a drink when an attractive guy steps in front of you, holds out his hand and says with a big flashy smile, “Hi, I'm Dick!”

“Oh good,” you think, “the fun's starting already...”

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