Why should you care if your website is like an old birthday card?

Birthday cards get updated each year to reflect changing age. What about your website? Has is changed or is it like last year's card?Let me ask you something slightly personal: Do you send the same birthday card every year?

Of course not!

But if it's essentially the same message (happy birthday) you're sending each time (just the numbers get bigger!) why a different card, a different look, different words?

It's simple really. You take the time and trouble to wish someone Happy Birthday in a new way every year because you want to get your specific message for the year across.

People grow and change from year to year and by choosing a different card each time, one appropriate to the person's age, gender or specific "landmark" birthday, you're showing you are aware of their changes and development - you're acknowledging the person's current time of life and the status of your relationship with them. That's what makes each birthday card so special to the person who receives it, the fact that you've taken the time to recognize them as an individual.

Just as people change and develop, so do companies and the products and services they provide. But how many companies don't present the same "birthday card" year in and year out? If you look at their websites, are they still providing the exact same info they were a year ago? Nothing new? No progress?

Research on companies that use their websites as an effective part of their overall marketing campaign has shown that these companies update the info on their sites regularly. An interesting article here, a special offer there. Just a little something that shows clients that the company is still striving to provide good value and has the client in mind. Something that shows that the company is keeping up with the changes in the world around it and the client can continue to rely on that company to provide for them in the best way possible.

If you take a look at your website,

  • is it saying the same thing it did last year, in exactly the same way?
  • Have you updated your message to keep up with your customers' growing and changing expectations and needs?
  • Do you look like you're able and eager to attend to your clients - those that are returning to you as well as those discovering you for the first time?
  • Or are you presenting them with last year's birthday card?

A practical example...

If your website uses a Content Management System (CMS), like Joomla, keeping it updated should be quick and easy. And if you plan the updates as a part of the rest of your marketing plan, your website can become a really valuable tool.

For example, you plan to run a series of adverts in your local newspaper. Instead of saying "Super Specials for Valentine's Day" and showing one or two of the items you have in stock, try saying, "See all our Super Specials for Valentine's Day at www.ourwebsite.com! And while you're there, get a voucher for a free coffee / candle / bottle of wine that you can redeem at our store!"

Not only can you now track how many people are responding to your advert (you can collect the printed vouchers they bring to your store as well as see how many vouchers were downloaded) but you'll be able to show so much more to those who are interested in what you have to offer than just the one or two items you normally get to show them!

The opportunities for reaching and serving your clients via your website are numerous but, like your birthday cards, your website needs to stay fresh and up-to-date!

PS: If your website isn't based on a Content Management System, like Joomla, perhaps it's time for you to upgrade it? Talk to us today about getting a fast, easy, professional website solution!