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Tips and Advice

We build websites for small business owners. Over the 12 years we've been doing this, we've experienced and learnt quite a bit when it comes to websites and internet marketing.

Building a website is a new experience for most people. So we decided to put our various articles and comments about all things website related in one place to make them easy to find. :-) Use the menu at the top of the page or follow these links for info in different sections. Enjoy!

Have you ever met a Dick? How to write web copy that works

Written by Lerynne Verster.

Is your web copy all about you or is it focused on your client?It's Saturday night.  You're young, single and have been invited to the biggest party in town.  You're excited and looking forward to a good time.

The party, held at a luxurious home in an upmarket suburb, is filled with lots of interesting and friendly people.  You start making your way towards the bar to get a drink when an attractive guy steps in front of you, holds out his hand and says with a big flashy smile, “Hi, I'm Dick!”

“Oh good,” you think, “the fun's starting already...”

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