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Tips and Advice

We build websites for small business owners. Over the 12 years we've been doing this, we've experienced and learnt quite a bit when it comes to websites and internet marketing.

Building a website is a new experience for most people. So we decided to put our various articles and comments about all things website related in one place to make them easy to find. :-) Use the menu at the top of the page or follow these links for info in different sections. Enjoy!

Should your website have a "links" page?

Written by Lerynne Verster.

Should your website have a links page?You see it on a lot of websites: a page that is filled with links to other sites.

Maybe there's a page like that on your site?

The question is, should it be there? Is it doing more harm than good?

The correct answer is...depends.

Some links can be good for your website, some are definitely to be avoided.

First let's just clear up a spot of confusion...

I come across this often when it comes to links and building websites:

“But I've heard links are important for the search engines to find me and I want that. So I want lots of links! Let's make a link page...”

Our Top 4 Reasons for Building Websites with Joomla

Written by Lerynne Verster.

jooma_website_solutionThere are a plethora of systems available that can be used to build a website today. And more are coming on to the market all the time.

This makes it very difficult to decide which website system will be right for your company's website. What should you be looking for? How do you know which one is best? What are the professionals using?

We've been building websites for more than 10 years. After extensive research and testing, our website system of choice is still Joomla. (Read more about how we came to choose Joomla.) Here are our top 4 reasons why we prefer to build websites with Joomla:

Is your Contact Us page chasing people AWAY?

Written by Lerynne Verster.

Is your Contact Us page making you look like a dodgy business?How do you feel when you're trying to buy something in a shop and you get stuck with a sullen salesman?

You know the type: won't look you in the eye, mumbles answers to your questions, doesn't try to help you or give you any info about the product, isn't interested in your or your purchase...

Most people I know give up in frustration and anger. They leave and go buy the product somewhere else...

Is your website doing the same thing to your potential clients - chasing them away?

What's the difference between Copywriting, Translation, Editing & Proofreading?

Written by Lerynne Verster.

Copywriting, editing and proofreading - the differencesExpert language and translation services can save you a lot more than just money!

Mistakes caused by poor communication may, at best, give your client a good giggle at your expense. At worst they can make you look inept and cause you to lose money.

When having a document copywritten, translated, edited or proofread, you need to understand what each service entails. There are small variations of definitions for each, depending on the company you're talking to. The most common definitions are explained below.

Internet FAQs

Written by Lerynne Verster.

Many people are hesitant to do anything involving the internet as they don't have any background. A typical comment is "I’ve had some people come to see me about a website but I didn’t really understand what they were talking about. What does all that jargon actually mean?"

Most people who use a computer have heard the terms internet, service provider, e-mail and website. But a lot of confusion still seems to exist about exactly what each of these is and how they all link together.

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